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Dear Peoples,
Dr. Balkrishna N. Thakare

Alcoholism is on rampage now a days. Alcohol addiction is killing people by destroying their Health, wealth, Character, Humanity and families. It also destroy peace & harmony & create bad effects on the society. 60% Accidents, Suicides, Murders, bad deeds and other crimes are related to Alcohol. Many families are suffering from the complications of alcoholism directly or indirectly. Women's as a daughter. Sister, Wife, Mother or other relative of alcohol addict, are suffering from the complications of alcoholism indirectly. That is why Alcohol Rehabilitation has become an essential social welfare work. Alcohol addiction destroy physical & mental health of the sufferer and causes serious & incurable complications like Cirrhosis of Liver, Ascitis, Liver Cancer, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Cerebral atrophy, coma, Stroke resulting into paralysis, Organic brain disease, Psychosis, Memory loss, Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas, Pancreatitis, Hypertension, Cardiomyopathy, Arterioclerosis, Gastrice & Duodenal Ulcer, Cancer of Larynx, Oesophagus and Stomach, Impotence etc. Destruction of relationship, Loss of jobs and earnings, Bad reputation, Loss of peace & Harmony, unhappiness & poverty these all are the social complications of Alcoholism. As per as medical science is concern Alcohol addiction has become a great challenge to cure for doctors. The factors like - lack of desire for consultation, hospitalization, investigations and treatment, Anxiety and depression, poor compliance, Illiteracy and Poor understanding, Poor Economical status and Alcohol withdrawal symptoms makes rehabilitation of an Alcohol addict - a difficult task. I am devoting my life to treat Alcohol addiction in the society and expecting your support and encouragement to save addicted human lives from destruction. I desire your share for this sacred and needful human welfare work.

Dr. Thakare charitable trust, mumbai – dedicated to human health and welfare is working in the field of alcoholism since five year “ alcoholic’s rehabilitation” is the mission of the trust. Dr Thakare charitable trust mumbai is running Thakare hospital and alcohol rehabilitation research centre at Powai, Mumbai – 76, where the alcoholic rehabilitation work is going on scientifically and spiritually. Dr. Balkrishna Thakare, Dr. Chaitali Thakare and Dr. Pratibha Thakare are the trustee of the trust. Mr. Nandkishore Thakare is the joint secretary of the Trust.

To complete the mission Dr Thakare charitable trust mumbai is conducting “ Alcohol Rehabilitation Camp” at different places in Maharashtra. This trust is working for Maharashtra Police department to make “ Alcoholism free department by Dr. Thakare’s Alcohol Rehabilitation Therapy (ART). This trust is also working for education department to keep students & young generation aged between 15 years to 30 years away from Alcoholism by providing them Dr. Thakare’s, “Before Alcoholism Therapy (BAT). All Political Leaders, Public Authorities, Social Institutions, Social Workers, Govt. & Pvt . Institutions, Social Welfare Deptt., Public Health Deptt., Health Institutions, Education Deptt., All Doctors in Medical Professions, Health Authorities, All Charitable Trust, Farmers union, Workers union, Spiritual Personalities, Sadhu, Sanths, Maharaj & all Spiritual Persons, Missioneries, All Media, All Channels on Television, Radio, All Newspaper & Magazines, All Mobile Network Transport Deptt. etc. should involve by Heart, Mind & Soul in Alcohol Rehabilitation Movement.

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To Establish, Maintain And Support or Grant or Give Monetary Assistance and Medical Relief to Hospitals, Dispensaries, Nursing Homes, and Maternity Homes. Medical Clinics. Family Planning Centers, Cancer, Aids, Blood Banks, Eye Camps, Sanatoriums, Asylums, Institution With Facilities For The Free Boarding And Lodging, Convalescent Homes, Orphanages, Homes For Windows Or Destitute Women. Child Welfare Activities. Padediatric Care And/ Or To Contribute To Any Trust Or Institution Established For The Said Purpose Or Nay One Or More Of Them.

To Establish, Construct, Maintain And Manage Alcoholic Rehabilitation Centers At Different Places And Cure ‘ Alcoholic Addiction’ In The Society. To Inform And Explain The Bad/ Till Effects And Complication Of ‘ Alcoholic Addiction’ on The Health, Family And The Society To Awake People Against ‘Alcoholic Addiction’ And Provide Medical Help If Be Needed.

To Inspire People to Involve in “Dr. Thakare’s Alcoholic Rehabilitation Movement and Help Addicted People to Rehabilitate.

To Establish “ Ayurved Panchkarma Hospitals” And Ayurved Research Centers”.

To Establish ‘Ayurved Defense Committee’ To Prevent Misuse And Spoiling Of Ayurved By Any Private Companies For Self-Benefits. Ayurved Is A Treasure Of Health And Proud Of India.

To Provide Free Medicine, Supply Nutrition Foods, To The Needy Persons, Reimburse Their Medical/ Hospital Bills And Or Any Other Financial Assistance In Any Manner To Deserving People.

To Open Drug Bank, Blood Bank, And Such Allied Banks And Pathology Laboratories And To Open Health Centers For Educating Public About Types Of Diseases Complication Of Alcohol Addiction And Their Prevention Measure And Give Monetary Help For Such Acts.

To Organize And Manage Free Health Check Up Diagnostic Treatment Vaccinations And Alcohol Rehabilitation Camps at Shop, Colleges. Hostels Institution and other Places in Maharashtra and other States in India.

To Encourage Medical Education Arrange Medical Seminars Workshops and Conferences for Specific Diseases, Alcohol Addiction and Rehabilitation. Medical Research and Family Planning.

Let us know what kind of information you are looking for & we will get in touch with you at the earliest.